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I drink and go to the club, it's pretty much that simple. You'll learn the rest as we go :p

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I just completed another Order on the @lightsallnight Community #fancorps! #Ad

Can’t beat promoting @lightsallnight on #fancorps and earning rewards for it! #Ad

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I just completed another Order on the @lightsallnight Community #fancorps! #Ad

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Anonymous asked: When you upload pictures, there's a place to put the source. That way people know where you got the picture and you're giving credit to whoever took it. And you can still upload pictures from wherever you please! Of course, you can do what you want, but on tumblr that's just considered common courtesy.

I’d like to see you do that.

Anonymous asked: That's actually a really big thing on tumblr, the whole taking other peoples pictures and posting them as your own. People get all bitchy when they see someone else posting a picture they took, because they want credit for it.

I get all my pictures, We Heart It, Facebook, a variety of edm based websites, or even from my fellow friend Jason who is a photographer for a group of clubs in dallas that i’m really cool with.

If i lose followers that’s fine with me.

edmbreeze asked: Yeah, don't repost something that isn't yours, you basically are taking someone elses credit that they worked for.. if you continue, you'll start to get alot of hate from the edm tumblr community. Just giving you a heads up, it's up to you on what you want to do. we already have djboabspence doing it, we don't need another one.

DUDE, i started this blog 2 months ago, i find my photos off the internet i don’t ever go to individual blogs and claim it’s mine.

I simply find my photos through a variety of sources.

I have no credit for any of the photos on my blog i simply just post and upload what i like.

People loved my blog so much, i got like 50 followers in two days, and i have not been very active lately.

This last thing i want is for people to think i’m taking credit or stealing someones shine.

I’m sorry you feel that way.

we-are-ravers asked: Don't repost others photos...

Ummmm sorry?

Photo’s off the internet? Sorry i didn’t know they were all yours.

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